New Releases by Beverly Cialone

In The Eye of the BeholderWe’re so pleased to present two new works from Beverly Cialone, our resident master of romance and relationships.  In The Eye of the Beholder is the story of Ashley, a sweet girl with some serious self-esteem issues who never dared to hope she might find true love.  When she does, it’s with a blind, handsome doctor named Adam and it’s a dream come true.  But it’s not all roses and music as she struggles to deal with her own self-esteem issues, a jealous ex-wife and an overly protective housekeeper.

Song of the South is our first foray into the world of erotica and Ms. Cialone’s writing takes on a new edge.  Vicki and Michael meet in person after exchanging heated emails.  Without giving away too much of their adventures, we invite you to join them for the fun that ensues…

Song of the South Beverly has previously published Coming Home, The Gift and A Collection of My Thoughts.  All of Beverly’s books are available on Amazon, Books on Board, Mobipocket, directly from our store; and there’s more booksellers to come…


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