New Release: ALL IN GOD’S TIME MY SONS by Geoff Moeller

Every once in a while, I go out of the box and release non-fiction. But this non-fiction is so powerful that I had to publish it.  I had the privilege of meeting Geoff Moeller, a poet, a husband, a father; and his story is so compelling – I find myself reading his poetry over and over again. It reminds me to be the mother I want to be; and of the good and joy that can come from true faith – even during unspeakable tragedy.  By reading his poignant poetry, you too will be reminded to count your blessings and to find faith and hope in times when you most need it.


On a Saturday morning at the end of November 2008, a young family suffered the loss of two sons and the permanent paralysis of another as a result of an automobile accident. Rather than tear the family apart, the tragedy drew them closer and touched the hearts of people in and out of their Catholic community. The boys’ father began writing to express the painful emotions he felt and the faith that supported him. These poems and reflections, though heart-wrenching, have been presented in the hope they may bring comfort to other victims of tragedy by witnessing to the healing and transforming power of faith, family and love.

As a tribute to Andrew and Matthew Moeller, partial proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to help make St. Francis of Assisi School in Vancouver, BC wheelchair accessible.

Geoff Moeller was born in the arctic and lived in towns across Canada’s north and west, but grew up in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. He completed high school at the Seminary of Christ the King under the guidance of the Benedictines of Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC, then spent several years as a member of the community as well. Geoff also credits the monks with the solid foundation he received in the Catholic Faith passed on from his parents. A Benedictine at heart, he is an oblate of Westminster Abbey. He presently works for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. He lives in Vancouver with his wife Maria and their sons Karl and Lorenzo.

ISBN: 978-1-926760-21-6

Digital List Price: $4.99


2 thoughts on “New Release: ALL IN GOD’S TIME MY SONS by Geoff Moeller

  1. Mirasol

    You may not know but I have been a witness watching your lovely family every Sunday at 8:30 AM Mass. I am always staying at the very back of the church as I usually come by myself. I have 2 daughters who are 16 and 26. My husband is a busy man who works 7 days a week. I can’t help to keep a glance and watched your little boys in the church as I always remember the days when my kids were just like them and always come with us in the church. I miss my family attending the church together. You just don’t know how I admired your family for being together. I read in the newspaper the tragedy but never came cross my mind these are the people that became part of my life. I only learned it in January 2009 in a Pilipino newspaper and was shocked. I saw you Mr Moeller one time on Saturday evening mass and can’t help to feel so sad that no sight of your family anymore. I must admit that from that time I learned your family’s tragedy, I always tell myself that I am still lucky that my sufferings and problems are nothing compared to what your family been through and going through. There were also times I must admit that I am thinking of ending everything. But seeing your faith and have this book to share, I admire you and your family and make a good example for me. I never buy books and read that much but this one is a very special one that I will get and will recommend to every person I know who are giving up their faith due to every person who needs to strengthen their faith with HIM. thank your Mr and Mrs Moelller for sharing this to me and to every person who needs it… I will always include your family in my prayers.

  2. Francesca Gasparre

    Thank you for sharing ….
    Yes day by day I go on living one day at a time one by one I count my blessings and when this life is over and done I will be on my way to meet God’s son.

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