The Friend – Friday Reads

We missed a short story this past Friday. Instead, we offer you a poem. I post this because we all have someone in our lives who matches the words here. May you read this and either hug or remember the one who inspires these feelings in you.

The Friend

A witness to that which has made me who I am,

You are here always; a fixture of sorts.

During birth and death, love and loss, prosperity and tough times.

Never judging, you simply listened,

Perhaps offering an affectionate nod.

Never a trouble, hardly a worry.

Loving without being needy.

Parting was always temporary – no matter the duration.

A friend through sunny times and sad.

Never failing me, and I won’t you.

I am with you until the end,

And will keep you in my heart past it.

You are the embodiment of friend.

And I thank you for sharing your life with me.

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