New Release: SLIGHTLY DENTED HALOS by LA Jackson

With all the social media that’s out there, I knew it would happen that I forgot about one of them: the blog.

My apologies for neglecting you, Blog. It won’t happen again.

But what better way to make it up to you, than to post about our most recent book, SLIGHTLY DENTED HALOS, by LA Jackson. This truthful tale of one woman’s account of elder care is both humorous and touching, and will leave you with great appreciation and respect of the people who take on the task of inviting aging family members into their home.

Slightly Dented Halos is a creative nonfiction story about the author’s real-life experiences after inviting elderly in-laws to move into her home.  From comical anecdotes of combining two disparate household styles to the heartbreaking depiction of the father-in-law as his life ends, the author provides a panoramic look into her life. The largest generation in history is entering the golden years, with adult children left to make decisions about the care of their elders.  Slightly Dented Halos provides no instruction but rather a sense of togetherness and empathy for others facing the choices of nursing homes, elder care, hospice and end-of-life issues.

LA Jackson’s writing style has often been compared to a conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee. Drawing from her own experiences raising a son, blending a family, caring for elderly relatives, maintaining a successful career outside the home and clinging to a sense of humor, Jackson explores the complexities of relationships, writing about the aspects of life that make her laugh or cry. Jackson lives outside Chicago with her husband, three Dobermans and very few unexpected visitors.

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