Once The Novel is Done…

This is a link to a short post by Ellen L. Ekstrom, one of our authors. I thought it accurately captured that feeling that authors must have after they finish a novel. Enjoy…

In Between Trains…

I finished the final editing of “Tallis’ Third Tune” yesterday, late afternoon.  As it always happens after I finish a novel, I’m feeling lost, without sea legs.  I’ve forced myself not to look at the work until this evening – one last look before it goes to the publisher.

Letting go of the novel is almost as emotional as watching my children go out the door.  These novels are my children.  I’ve breathed life into characters that eventually took on personae of their own, lived with me, slept with me, drove me crazy at times, but I love them all the same.

What to do in the next act?

Other than finish proofing the backlist, I have two choices – two stories that I’ve started and want to finish.  They were interrupted by “Tallis,” which all of a sudden took over and became a force of its own.

I think I’ll take that bench over there and wait for the next novel…



One thought on “Once The Novel is Done…

  1. ladyelogos

    Thank you so much, Michelle. This story has haunted me for years and when it finally broke through my heart and mind and it just took off. I hope to do ireadiwrite proud.

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