What Are You Reading?

All my life, it’s been a great question – it starts conversations, dialogues between good friends and people who hardly know each other. I’ve always read lots of non-fiction – business books, science, technology, spirituality, etc. But, when asked about fiction, well, my love of it started very early. My collection of Little House on the Prairie books was so well-read that they were falling apart. In high-school, I would have told you it was Barbara Taylor Bradford, (no comments please). In university, it was Michael Crichton. In the years after that, Anne Rice. In my thirties, I answered with the classics: Mary Shelley, Nabokov, Dumas, and what will be new classics of Rowling. (And no, I still have not read any of the Twilight series).

As I approach middle age (ahem), I still get asked this question on a frequent basis. And most of the time, I’m embarrassed that I have no response. I read so much for work that at the end of the day, I just don’t feel like reading another piece of fiction. I find I actually read in fits and starts, reading everything voraciously for months, then reading nothing for an equally long time.

It would appear that I’m in one of my avid reading modes now. Yes, I still read a lot for work (I am a publisher after all), but a website has re-sparked my love of reading for pleasure as well as my love for being extraordinarily and somewhat oddly hyper-organized. Goodreads has now taken the place of Facebook. Back in 2007, I was addicted to the latter, checking it, and checking it again for updates on my friends’ activities. Now I find myself doing the same thing, but now seeing what people are reading. Believe me, I’m not here as an ad for Goodreads, but in the age of digital connections, it’s a great place to find out what people are reading. I find I can tell a lot about someone by what they read. And I’m sure they do the same about me. Right now, alongside our own books, like Tallis’ Third Tune and Silver Dew, I’m reading The Gargoyle and Siddhartha. One’s a hardcover and the other is a free ebook download.

I love that I’m reading for pleasure again. It feels good to get in a few pages of a truly enjoyable book. As the days get shorter and the nights colder – I love a beverage, a fire and a great book. And paper-snobs be damned, I don’t care if it’s printed on a dead tree or showing up as digital text on my Kindle. The experience is the same – peaceful.

I’m curious, what are you reading?

One thought on “What Are You Reading?

  1. Darlene Foster

    I’ve just finished reading The Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk by Jan L. Coates. It is an excellent children’s book about the lost boys of the Sudan and packs a powerful message. It has been nominated for this year’s Governor General’s Award.
    Tallis’ Third Tune is on my TBR list as well.

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