New Release: Monkey Jump by Deborah Riley-Magnus

This month we’re pleased to release the second book in The Twice-Baked Vampire Series – Monkey Jump. A fun, and fast moving adventure, Monkey Jump is Urban Fantasy at its best. If you love vampires, leprechauns, witches, muses, or any other preternatural being you can imagine, you’ll love this book. Gabriel Strickland is back, that double dead vampire who was staked by a broken bat at a major league baseball game he had the misfortune to attend. Now he’s in charge of a whole slew of other ‘dead’ beings as they await word on their final destination at a holding tank in Hollywood.

But Gabriel’s new at the job, so he’s sent on a tour of other tanks – only he gets waylaid by a witch with her own agenda and ends up north of the Arctic Circle in a frozen town full of shifters, vampires and regular folks. But when a rare threat hits the town just at the worst time of the year – the never-ending night of the north – Gabriel must join forces with the others or else the world will face a threat it hasn’t seen in centuries.

Join the fun as Riley-Magnus continues this saga of an ill-fated vampire, his muse and his wacky sidekicks.

Deborah Riley-Magnus is an author and an Author Success Coach. She has a twenty-seven year professional background in marketing, advertising and public relations as a writer for print, television and radio. She writes fiction in several genres as well as non-fiction. She’s lived on both the east and west coast of the United States and has traveled the country widely. Having lived, worked and written in Los Angeles for many years, she recently returned to her hometown of Pittsburgh.

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