Introducing Everheart Books – Our New Romance Imprint

I am so happy to announce our new imprint, Everheart Books. This imprint will feature digital books by writers of romance & erotica.

What’s even more exciting is that this arm of Central Avenue Publishing will be in large part run by Meghan Tobin-O’Drowsky. Meg and I met last year, largely due to our mutual respect for the I Wrote This For You project. Since that time, she has edited several of our books and every author who has worked with her has only the highest praise for her work. Meg is a graduate of York University whose fervor for publishing began in high school. Her previous experiences include writing for Glendon campus’ newspaper Pro Tem, editing and writing for St. Michael CSS’ The Guardian, and designing the Perth District Health Unit’s Think magazine.

Meg’s attention to detail and ability to pick out great stories has been a great service to Central Avenue Publishing and we’re so pleased she’s come on board. We announced a soft release of the imprint late last week and opened up submissions for the first time in over a year. We have already received a few great queries so far and are excited to move forward with launching new titles. If you write romance in any of the sub-genres, we invite you to submit.

So stay tuned for some great books by some more great authors – all run by one great gal.


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