New Release: A Shared Confidence by William Topek

We’re starting off the summer with a book that is sure to keep you in your lawn chair reading, and avoiding doing all those summer tasks you said you would get done.

William Topek again transports us back to the Dirty Thirties and brings us Devlin Caine, a private investigator who normally follows cheating wives and petty thieves. But after a particularly tough investigation, he’s pulled himself out of his bottle and is staying out of trouble. Until his brother calls, needing help with someone who is framing him for embezzlement. What Caine thinks is a simple job turns out to be anything but that. As he tries to stay one step ahead of one of the most notorious con men on the East Coast, Caine finds himself up against the mob, the FBI, and local con-artists.

Topek has a knack for painting situations that transport us back to a time not so unlike the one we’re in now. One where seemingly kindly folks take trusting people for all their money in elaborate stock market schemes; where the greed of regular people is exploited and where the government always seems to be one step behind.

Have fun losing yourself in the world that Topek has artfully created, and trust us, you won’t be able to get up out of that chair.


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