On Being a Small Press Author – Dan Schwartz

Running a small press is just like running a business with a group of employees – well almost. I don’t actually get to see them every day and we can’t gather around the water cooler to chat. Since we all see each other only virtually, I thought it might be nice to ‘introduce’ our authors to both each other and their readers via a series of short interviews. These interviews will run every couple of days for the next month or so – it’s a neat way of finding out how similar authors can be, and yet so different.

Today, I’m very pleased to introduce you to Dan Schwartz, he is one of our very first authors and the creator of some of the most interesting work we have: The Many Mini Adventures of Abner the Gopher, No Cure For Nature and Ramblings of a Love Sick Masochist. I first read Dan’s fun fantasy adventures and then read his heart rending Love Sick Masochist and devoured it as quickly as I could one Saturday afternoon many years ago. And I think that Dan and I must share the same type of sense of humor, because his author picture truly cracks me up.

1. The first book I can remember reading is:   The Adventures of Johnny Chuck by Thornton W. Burgess (and it is still one of my favorites, and seeing how many of my books are based around animals I would say that this book was quite influential on me)

2. The first book I ever wrote was:   No Cure for Nature (although I had parts of Ramblings of a Love Sick Masochist already written before starting No Cure for Nature)

3. An average day in my life goes like this:  Wake up, follow my morning hygeine routine, play with my dogs, eat breakfast and write a little, go to work, work, write during lunch, back to work, go home, eat dinner and watch TV with the wife, play with dogs, write before
bed, bedtime.

4. I found out about Central Avenue Publishing (ireadiwrite) from:  It is hard to recall exactly when, but after I had written my first book I did a great deal of research on how I wanted to release my work, and I stumbled upon ireadiwrite, tried my luck and the rest is history. Also, most (if not all) of the other ePublishers seemed too automated and lacked that personal touch, if that makes sense; they seemed so cold so I avoided them. I decided to submit my book because: It had pizazz

5. The last book I read was:  Double Dexter by Jeffry Lindsay

6. In order for me to sit down and write, I need:   Time (and something to write with or on).  As long as I am not busy with something else, I am writing.

7. My ‘day job’ is:  Environmental Engineer

8. I carve out time to write by:  Pretty much just carrying around something to write with and having a story fresh in my mind.  Many of my short stories are written while I wait for an oil change or something like that.

9. In order to find time to write, I feel as though I sacrifice:  I honestly do not feel as if I am sacrificing anything.  I enjoy writing and that is my entertainment and relaxation.  I would rather write than play video games or watch a movie, but at the same time I put my job and my family first, so finding time to write is still a challenge, but never a burden.

10. I am currently working on:  A story about military squirrels

11. The best piece of advice I ever got was from:  Do what you enjoy for a living otherwise it is not a living and it was:  Not really sure, there have been many iterations of this saying passed around, but they truly are words to live by.

12. The best piece of advice I would give is:  Do what you enjoy, no one else can truly make you happy except you.

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