New Release: Sangria Nights: Full Circle by Beverly Cialone

At long last, we are very happy to release the final book in the Sangria Nights trilogy by Beverly Cialone. Beverly is a master of romance and all her books are now published under our Everheart Books imprint. This book has been highly anticipated by fans – over the past year, we’ve received many emails asking when this would be available.

Relationships that had been left in the balance are mended, destroyed, and recreated in this gripping finale. September Hampton, daughter of the tragic Luke and Lara, must fight to keep hold of her identity and her sanity as relatives from her past disrupt her life with her aunt Lacy. Lacy, confronted with the knowledge that the husband she presumed dead is actually alive, must begin reconciling her feelings: anger at Mark and Lara, and love for a husband she hasn’t seen in twelve years. What will become of twelve-year-old September as she navigates the newfound knowledge that her mother is actually alive? A snowstorm forcing the four estranged family members together will bring answers to long-standing questions.

Beverly Cialone has been writing since junior high school. Her writing can be romantic and filled with fantasy or replete with the realism of gut-wrenching emotion. The author of several successful romance and erotica titles, she remains ever true to her passion of writing from the soul. Beverly lives in South Carolina with her fiance and enjoys spending time with her two sons and two adorable granddaughters.

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