On Being a Small Press Author – Scott Burkhead

Running a small press is just like running a business with a group of employees – well almost. I don’t actually get to see them every day and we can’t gather around the water cooler to chat. Since we all see each other only virtually, I thought it might be nice to ‘introduce’ our authors to both each other and their readers via a series of short interviews. These interviews will run every couple of days for the next month or so – it’s a neat way of finding out how similar authors can be, and yet so different.


Today, I’m happy to present Scott Burkhead, another one of our veterans. Scott has written some wonderful dystopian fiction, Sister Serenity and the War of 2059. What I love about this book are the strong female characters and the socio-political commentary. Back when I was getting started, I actively sought out writers and I ran across a short story that Scott had written on his blog – he had me in the first few words. Scott and I don’t talk a lot, but it’s great knowing he’s stuck with us and I always enjoy hearing from him.
1. The first book I can remember reading is: “Call of the Wild,” by Jack London.

2. The first book I ever wrote was: “The Dolphin Revelation”  Man learns to communicate with dolphins and discovers that the oceans are dying.

3. An average day in my life goes like this: 6:00AM: Walk dog.  Write.  read. Shower.  8:30AM: Go to work.  5:00PM: Yoga or swim.  7:30PM: Dinner with wife or friends.  8:00PM:  Write.  Read.  Watch NCIS or Newsroom.  11:00PM bed.

4. I found out about Central Avenue Publishing from: Michelle Halket.  I decided to submit my book because: I liked what she was doing with ebooks and trusted her.

5. The last book I read was:”Meditation”, by Eknath Easwaran.

6. In order for me to sit down and write, I need: Laptop; or pen and yellow pad; or pencil and napkin.

7. My ‘day job’ is: Advertising Agency boss

8. I carve out time to write by:  Finding nooks and crannies in my life.

9. In order to find time to write, I feel as though I sacrifice: I never feel writing is a sacrifice.

10. I am currently working on: A ‘Southern’ coming of age novel called “Roaddog”.

11. The best piece of advice I ever got was from:  My Aunt Margaret.  and it was: No matter how you feel Get up, Suit up, and Show up and you will feel better.

12. The best piece of advice I would give is: Do what you love.


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