New Release – She Came From Away by D. Edward Bradley

As November settles in, we’re very pleased and proud to present a novel from Canadian author, D. Edward Bradley, our newest member in the Central Avenue family. Our editor, Meghan Tobin-O’Drowsky, was taken with this novel the moment she read it, and while it was a tough fight to acquire it, we’re so glad we had the chance to publish it. The story revolves around Riley Barnett, a university student from Toronto who inherits an unknown uncle’s estate in Newfoundland. But when she gets there, she finds that the quaint town is full of secrets and a mystery that she’s unwittingly drawn into.

D. Edward Bradley is an experienced author with a lifetime of fantastic stories from his globe-trekking days as a young man and his time spent as an acclaimed university professor and researcher. We found out that he heard about us from reading one of Molly Ringle’s stories and was drawn to us because we’re also Canadian.

We’re terribly proud to launch his book in digital formats and know that you’ll too fall in love with this story of romance, mystery, intrigue and Canadian history.

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