New Release – Cure For Pain by NM Facile

December 1st marks the official release date of CURE FOR PAIN by NM Facile. Facile’s first book, Across The Hall, continues to enjoy great international success two years after its release.  Across the Hall is a view of college life and the intense love that we can all feel when we’re young. Cure For Pain continues in the same romantic vein as Facile’s first book, but explores a darker side of life. Ty Jaden is a heroin user and dealer who ended up in jail when he was barely an adult. He’s out now and clean, and trying to make a new life for himself. But he can’t when there’s powerful men in the city that want him to continue his trade. When he meets the innocent Mary Flynn, his life is turned upside down, and everything he was working towards could put both her and himself in danger.

Facile has a knack for writing characters and storylines that engage readers. A huge Twilight fan, Facile’s first book, Across The Hall started out as fan-fiction and evolved into its own story. Fans of hers will enjoy Cure For Pain and its view of Minneapolis life and underground.

NM Facile is the youngest of a large Midwestern family. Growing up in a small town, she learned early the quirks and charms of a small town and the lure of big city life. She shares the love of a lifetime with her husband and three children. She spends her free time lost in worlds where all cats are gray in the dark and love is just around the corner. Her everyday life is filled with the excitement of child development and the minutiae of the day-to-day. She colors any monotony with books, movies, crafts, and daydreaming; and leaves no room for downtime.

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