New Release – Intentional Dissonance by Iain S. Thomas

9781926760858It’s with great pleasure that I announce our next new release, Intentional Dissonance by Iain S. Thomas. He is best known for his work as the poet on the blog I Wrote This For You. His haunting and romantic prose, coupled with the amazing photography of Jon Ellis, has created a phenomenon that has captured people the world over.

Intentional Dissonance is a solo project by Iain and retains the ethereal quality of I Wrote This For You. Set ten years after the world ends, the story focuses on Jon Salt, a man addicted to feeling in a world full of monotonous and perpetually happy people, terminally so, due to the anti-depressants in the water supply. In a world full of ghosts and strange creatures, the last government is now looking for Jon, for he possesses a talent in which they have tremendous interest. With the help of a few unlikely friends, Jon will have to evade the government, all while battling his overwhelming addiction to the drug, Sadness and his obsession with Michelle, the only woman he’s ever loved.

This story is a fantastic read and one that will have you pondering and wondering long after you finish it. You’ll fall in love with our faulted hero, and in hate with the world that envelops him.

Iain S. Thomas is a new media artist and author. As an author, his most famous work IainThomassmis I Wrote This For You, which he writes under the pseudonym ‘pleasefindthis’ – a blog then book that’s been on both the Amazon and iTunes bestseller lists since its launch in December 2011. As a writer for the design and new media industry, he’s won numerous local and international awards for his work. Amongst other things, he created a never-ending sentence for a monument for South Africa’s Jazz Artists and recently collaborated with musical phenomena BT on the packaging design for his last album. He wrote his first book, ‘Ignite’, at the age of 23 which won the Grand Prix at the First Paper House Art Of Design Awards and a gold individual craft award at the Loeries. He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa.


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