New Release – Scarborough by Ellen L. Ekstrom

9781926760933 It is with honour that we present our final book to be published in 2012 – Scarborough by Ellen L. Ekstrom. One of our veteran writers, Ellen has presented us with some fantastic historical and romantic fiction over the years.

From her first book, The Legacy, which so well captured life in feudal Italy, she has led us on tales of fantasy, religion, and history. Her most recent foray has been into literature which captures the hearts of those who read it. Scarborough continues the story of Alice and Quinn, a pair of star-crossed lovers, and their lives before and after death. Both stories ask the question, “What if I could do it over again?” and show the consequences of being given the choice of doing it. Ellen’s writing is lovely, ethereal and her strength in historical and literary references rings true as she brings to life some of the most whimsical circumstances.

Ellen L. Ekstrom has been intrigued by all things medieval since EllenEkstromseeing Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” as a five-year old—when it was first run in theaters. Now that she is in her own middle ages, the passion for the Middle Ages hasn’t abated. She is a member of the clergy in the Episcopal Church and serves as the parish deacon in a local church in Berkeley, California. To support her family and frenetic lifestyle, she works as a legal secretary. Once in a while, she sleeps.


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