Introducing… The Kid Who Missed The Bus

9781926760957medWe’re very happy to welcome a new writer to our family, Matt McCoy. Matt has penned a funny, touching and engrossing book about a boy growing up – physically and emotionally. The story follows Danny Boy Doyle, a small town Canadian boy whose dreams of becoming an NHL hockey star lead him around the world and back again.

But Danny has some troubles, for he loves hockey but he loves women, too. And he can’t seem to quit either. It’s a tale that body-checks its way through Canada, Europe and the US. It’s the story of a boy too big for his own skates, a teen with stars in his eyes and a man on the road to discovering he is more than just a defenceman.

While hockey is a central theme in Danny’s life, the story is really about the voyage of the boy becoming a man and realizing his place in the world and dealing with the fates that befall him.

The Kid Who Missed The Bus launches March 5, 2013.

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