Resources for Trade, Book Clubs & Schools

Right before the holiday season, we got word that there were some teachers and students out there who were using our books as study materials. Some were in a teacher led environment and others were student led. As you can imagine, this came as a great feeling of honor, and it got me thinking that we needed to support these initiatives.

We are proud to offer to two new tactics to do this:

Direct Volume Discounts: For any schools, bookstore or individual who would like to purchase our books either in digital or print formats in volume, we are happy to offer a significant discount. For pricing, please contact us via email at info @ centralavenuepublishing dot com.

Reading Guides: We are also pleased to offer reading guides for select titles. These offer full information on the book, an interview with the author and discussion questions relevant to issues in the book. To download a free copy, please visit our website.

We believe these resources will be of help to teachers who use our books in their classrooms as well as any individual or bookstore out there who’d like to do more with our titles. As always, we thank all the people out there who support our authors.

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