Introducing… Chelsea Dorsette

I am very pleased to present Chelsea Dorsette. She’s a professional, intelligent woman and the newest writer to join our family. Her book, Escape, is a collection of erotic short stories published under our Everheart Books imprint.

EscapeQ: What is the first book you ever read?

A: The first book I ever remember reading was a children’s book called BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL by Robert McCloskey. I’m sure there were many other books that I read before that one, but it’s the one that stands out in my memory today.

Q. What is the first book you ever wrote?

A: The first book I ever wrote was a book of children’s short stories called ALI’S FRIENDS. It was a book of short stories about the many adventures of Ali and her dog CB. Whenever she set out to go exploring, she would tie on her “adventure sneakers” and along her floppy eared black lab, CB…they would head out together. The undercurrent of the book was to incorporate messages that focused on ‘be kind to animals’, ‘be kind to nature’ and ‘be kind to people’.

Q: What does an average day look like?

A: I am self employed and I work out of my house. I own a small advertising agency and I have had my agency for 16 years. I start off my day getting ready, walking my dog Bradley then sitting down at my desk for advertising work. After lunch, I finish any remaining advertising work that needs to be done. Once that’s taken care of, I take off my advertising hat and put on my writing hat for the remainder of the afternoon.

Q: How did you find out about Central Avenue Publishing?

A: I found out about Central Avenue Publishing from a publisher in the Charlotte, North Carolina area called Lorimer Press. Leslie Rindoks gave me the recommendation. I had five short stories under my belt when I contacted Michelle to see if she was accepting new writers and if she was accepting erotica short stories. She said “yes” to both and instructed me on how to forward the material to her for review.

Q: What’s the last book you read?

A: I can’t remember the last book I read, because I have been working on writing in my free time. It was probably either the latest Danielle Steele novel, or a short story by another erotica writer.

Q: What do you need in order to write?

A: In order for me to sit down and write, I need the time to do so and a story line in my head.

Q: How do you carve out time to write? Do you feel you sacrifice anything?

A: I carve out time to write by keeping up with my day job and staying on top of my other responsibilities. Neither of which take up an over abundance of time. There is plenty of time to write as long as I have something in my head to write about.

The only thing that I sacrificed to write is the cleaning of my house! I much prefer to sit down and work on a story than push a vacuum cleaner. But the house does get cleaned eventually…

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: I am currently working on my second book, called LONGING. I have finished the first story and I am anxious to see where this book takes me!

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