New Release – Sapphire Sun by Suzi Davis


We are very happy to introduce Sapphire Sun by Suzi Davis. This is the third book in the Lost Magic series and is highly anticipated by fans all over the world—just like the two before them. Gracelynn Stevenson is haunted by the spirits of her predecessors and is starting to remember memories she tried to erase. But the past has a way of showing up in the present and while Gracelynn wants to know more, Sebastian is doing everything he can to leave his past in the shadows. But, it’s not working and when others who possess the Lost Magic show up at her home in Victoria BC, Grace fears he’ll be lost forever.

Sapphire Sun is Suzi’s best book yet and readers won’t be disappointed as Grace and Sebastian try to fight an evil that hovers close to them – too close. We’ve had such a great response to our query to reviewers, and they feel the same way about it.


Suzi Davis is a British-born Canadian writer and artist and has been writing stories andpoetry for as long as she can remember. Her current focus is on writing young adult novels whose genre allows her to explore the relationships between families, friends and young lovers. Interested in the paranormal, there is always an added element of magical fantasy to whatever tale she spins. Suzi lives on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island with her husband and young sons.

Find her books in both print and digital editions.


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