Cover Reveal: Definition of Sin by NM Facile

Definition of SinWe are very pleased to announce the newest book by one of our bestselling authors, NM Facile: Definition of Sin.

Creedence Mathews lived a sheltered life.  Growing up in a strong Biblical patriarchal home, she had little contact with the world outside of her family and church community.  After seeing her older sister shunned for choosing a life different from the family’s expectations of women, Creedence vowed never to second guess the decisions her father made on her behalf.  Pure in thought and action, she believed she was on God’s path until Tommy Murphy stepped in her way.

In the small town of Quarry Springs, the Murphy name was synonymous with trouble.  Living with their grandmother in an old farmhouse on the edge of town, the Murphy brothers and sister were always in one scrape or another.  With his dark, devilish good looks and piercing, blue eyes, Tommy Murphy was the walking definition of sin.  When he finds Creedence crying on the bank of his favorite fishing hole, Tommy decides that this proverbial good girl needs a little fun in her life—and just maybe a little temptation will, in fact, deliver her from evil.

While it won’t be available until early 2014, be sure to check out her other wildly successful books: ACROSS THE HALL and CURE FOR PAIN.



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