Sabrina Zollo: Woman of Wonder

9781926760797We are very proud of all our authors, but lately it seems like they’ve been getting some meaningful recognition from their peer groups and/or readers. Ellen L. Ekstrom was a finalist in a recent award; Molly Ringle’s new book has been reviewed scores of times and it’s only a week old; and Sabrina Zollo has just been named a Woman of Wonder.

We hope you’ve got a few minutes to read through her journey and leave a supportive comment or two.

Congratulations Sabrina, this recognition is well-deserved!

Sabrina ZolloSabrina Zollo is a marketing maven by day and a published author all other hours of the day. Meeting her was a great joy given how much I adore books and how much I love the writing process. 
Talk to as many people as possible; leverage your own network.
Sabrina was inspired to write her novel Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend from her experience working in marketing at a major, global, cosmetics company. “I have always wanted to be a writer,” Sabrina shares. “Even as a child I wrote stories.” With this passion in mind Sabrina was interested in journalism but quickly discovered traditional journalism wasn’t where her interest lay. “Most of what journalism covers is negative; it’s about covering often tragic, negative stories,” Sabrina says. “For me, reading is an escape; I want to bring joy into people’s lives. I want to make people laugh,” explains Sabrina.
Read the full article here

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