New Release: St. Edmund Wood by Caitlin Luke Quinn

9781771680011medWe are very proud to launch our fall season with the release of a great new novella by Caitlin Luke Quinn, the pen name of historical literature author, Ellen L. Ekstrom. In a village near the Welsh marshes in 1820s England, outward appearances and behavior are important. Mary Burnley refuses to conform.

In Regency England, Mary Burnley returns to her home after eighteen months of marriage; she is scorned and shunned by the village, and her mother. When Mary meets the Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Godwin, the new curate for the village church, life becomes a little less bleak. It is in the mysterious and beautiful St. Edmund Wood where a dark, unknown past is revealed, and it is in St. Edmund Wood where her new-found happiness will either be made, or broken.

ISBN ebook: 978-1-77168-001-1
FICTION | Historical Romance
Word Count: 36,000
List Price: $2.99
Published: September 25, 2013

Find it at Amazon or any of your favorite online bookstores.


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