New Release: Match Point by Chelsea Dorsette

9781771680110As the holidays kick off, it is our pleasure to present the third book by erotica author, Chelsea Dorsette. Chelsea’s work is full of all the kinds of things one looks for in erotica, hot scenes coupled with intense emotion and drama. You might also notice a new look to all of Chelsea’s books – both Escape and Longing have gotten make-overs which we feel capture the sensual nature of her books.

In Match Point, we follow the adventures of Kelly and Patrick. After losing her mother to cancer, Kelly musters up the courage to move to South Carolina to pursue her dream of becoming a mystery writer. In those wildest dreams she never imagined she would meet – let alone fall in love with – Patrick, her sexy tennis instructor. What starts as innocent flirting quickly becomes the most erotic sexual relationship she has ever had. When things start heating up, two jealous tennis club employees hatch a plot to break them apart. When Patrick thinks there’s no hope of ever getting Kelly back, an unexpected conversation gives him the information he needs to exact revenge. But will it be enough to get Kelly back into his life and his bed again?

We are also running a giveaway! Click here to win a copy of all her books and an iTunes Gift Card!

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