Central Avenue Publishing in Numbers

UnknownIt’s the start of a new year, and a time that causes us to reflect on our past and what the future has in store. While I’m not a overly creative person, I think what has made this press somewhat successful is that I am a numbers person. So, in keeping with my true self, I present this press in numbers:

4,927,300: The number of words in active titles published and distributed.

73: The total number of books actively published and distributed in both digital and print.

20: The number of titles in print format.

33: The number of authors actively published and distributed.

752,200: The number of words to be published by us in 2014.

23: The number of titles cancelled by request of the author.

11: The number of authors who terminated their publishing agreements.

0: The number of books and authors that I’ve decided to cancel or put out of print.

33: The number of authors who still believe in me.

247: The number of active book bloggers currently on our mailing list.

2: The average number of times per week that one of our books is reviewed on blogs.

4.1: The average rating of our books reviewed on those blogs.

~9,000: The number of ratings of our books on Goodreads.

10: The number of titles that have hit high on store best-seller lists.

2: The number of names this publishing house has had.

5: The number of freelance editors and proofreaders I’ve worked with.

1: The most forward-thinking young woman I’ve met in a while.

4: The average number of months it takes to bring a book to market.

7: How many days authors get their money after quarterly statements are issued.

300: The year over year percentage growth of total author royalties paid.

7: The number of ebook formats we were dealing with 5 years ago.

2: The number of ebook formats we deal with now.

8: The number of digital bookstores and distributors it’s worth working with.

3 or 4: The number of new ebook subscription services it’s likely worth working with.

2008: The year I decided that it had to be easier for authors to get published.

5: The birthday we’ll celebrate this year.

Countless: The number of mistakes I’ve made.

Zero: The number of regrets I have.


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