Intentional Dissonance: A Book and a Song

Sample_2.mediumYesterday I stumbled across one of the coolest things I think that has happened in a long time. A very talented singer/songwriter, Wonder, has written a song based on Iain S. Thomas’ book INTENTIONAL DISSONANCE.

Not only was I absolutely shell shocked that someone did this, (it’s not like Iain or I know her), but she did an absolutely beautiful job of it. Like the book, the song is 9781926760858haunting and poetic and like Iain’s words, her voice is simply gorgeous.

Please do yourself a favour and go listen to the song here. If you can find a few bucks in your couch cushions, would you also consider funding her Kickstarter to raise some funds for a new album and tour? I did. Partly because I love the job she did on that song and partly because she lives in Seattle and is planning a trip to Vancouver, where I live. It ends on Jan 19, so if you can do it, do it quickly!

When she comes, you can be sure I’ll be at whatever venue she’s at, listening to her beautiful music and standing up and cheering when she sings that song in particular.



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