Cover Reveal: Underworld’s Daughter by Molly Ringle

The front cover of Underworld's Daughter by Molly Ringle
The front cover of Underworld’s Daughter by Molly Ringle

We are very pleased and proud to present the cover for Molly Ringle’s new novel and the second in the Chrysomelia Stories: Underworld’s Daughter. The story for Sophie Darrow (Persephone) and Adrian Watts (Hades) continues with their war against the evil Thanatos. But now a new character enters the story – Hekate.

The tree of immortality discovered by Persephone and Hades opens the door for the creation of new immortals. But with their new joys come their darkest sorrows yet.

Long ago in ancient Greece, the evil cult Thanatos destroyed nearly all the immortals. In the modern day, those heartbreaking memories bring Sophie Darrow to her knees. At the same time, the pressure of juggling university studies, a worried family, an immortal boyfriend, and a cult set on murdering him is crushing her. But she cannot give up, for this time the lives of all her loved ones are at stake. And even the gods can’t save everyone.

If you like stories of Greek mythology, a bit of paranormal & true love and a lot of action – you’ll love this series. The book is due out in July, but you can enter to win a copy of the book on Goodreads here.


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