New Release: Leilani by LM DeWalt

9781771680004After a long wait, we are very pleased to release the third book in The Quest For Reason series by LM DeWalt: Leilani. Vampires Lily and Christian have finally found peace and love in Lima, Peru — seemingly. But there are those who have waged a war against Lily and her family and they’re willing to stop at nothing to exact their revenge. Just as they seem to be figuring a way out of the war, Lily is betrayed by the one closest to her, for reasons she cannot fathom.

We hope you enjoy the final book in the trilogy as the story of this family of vampires comes to a close. And if you haven’t read them yet, you can pick up the first in the series,  Lily, for only 99 cents. As an added bonus, all three of DeWalt’s titles are available in both English and Spanish. Happy reading!

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