New Release: Underworld’s Daughter by Molly Ringle

We are very pleased to present the next book in The Chrysomelia Stories: Underworld’s Daughter. These stories centre around Sophie & Adrian, or Persephone & Hades, as they once were in a previous life. It all started when a stranger walks into Sophie’s dorm room on her first day at university and whisks her away to a spirit realm. While there, she is tricked into eating some pomegranate and shortly after, memories of previous lives come flooding back.

Underworld’s Daughter picks up where Persephone’s Orchard left off, incorporating Sophie’s & Adrian’s friends – both current and in Ancient Greece. Ringle’s world-building is just fantastic and the dynamics between her characters is fascinating. If you haven’t read Persephone’s Orchard yet, you’re in luck because we’ve put it on sale for 99 cents for a limited time. And if you’re interested in winning the books plus some great swag, be sure to enter the give-away.

Happy reading!


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