Win! Win! Win!

img_2249Guessing by the title of this post, yes, we’re giving some stuff away! You might know that publishers produce Advance Reading Copies, (ARCs) which are early editions of the book before the final proofread happens. They’re used to help market the title, to query to the large review magazines, and to help the sales reps sell the book to bookstores. The interior is the same as the final book (perhaps with a few typos that haven’t been caught yet), but the back cover looks different because it has some marketing and technical information about the book on it.

Anyway, we have a few of these left over from our 2016 seasons, and in the interest of reducing waste and sharing some great stories, we’d like to give them away rather than pulp them.

If you’re interested in winning a bunch of these, just enter the giveaway here and if you win, we’ll send a bunch of books to you. We’ll pick several winners but the actual selection will vary depending on what is left and what will fit in the package. Oh, and sorry, but this giveaway is only available to entrants in the US.

Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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