I Wrote This For You: The Photography

9781771681230Our most popular books are penned by a poet who was there at the beginning of the contemporary poetry craze: Iain S. Thomas. Multiple thousands, if not millions, of people have read his work; it’s shared, loved and read by people all over the world.

But there’s another part to the project that has brought so much to so many, and an important part: the photography. Without it, #iwtfy just wouldn’t be the same.

The photographer has always been a bit of an enigma — much like the poet — well until now. Jon Ellis is writing about some of the images you’ll find in Iain and Jon’s new book, I Wrote This For You: 2007-2017, which captures hundreds and hundreds of the entries on the blog.

I have personally enjoyed these photos for many years now and would find myself staring at one for several minutes, taking it all in. And now, I (and fans) get to read the story behind the photos: how they came to be, what they were taken with, and how Jon felt about them. I personally love these little peeks into the soul of the artist, they’re like secret treasures that have been dug up and revealed.

Please follow along with me as I discover even more about the photography behind I Wrote This For You. Read the posts at Jon’s blog.

Many stores are already carrying the new book despite the pub date being Oct 24. Find it at: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book DepositoryChapters/Indigo, IndieBound, TargetUrban Outfitters


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