Happy Book Birthday, HONEYBEE!

Featured Image -- 3388May 1, 2018 marks the official release day of Honeybee by Trista Mateer. When I first met Trista, we discussed many projects. But the main reason for taking on this previously self-published title was its structure. It’s this awesome epic poem/story-in-verse of early-life heartbreak that had me catching my breath. The next reason was that while some of the book addresses sexuality, particularly bisexuality and a young woman coming to terms with how she’s being treated because of it, the book still managed to resonate with me as a middle-aged, happily-married, heterosexual who’s well past her angst-ridden teens and twenties.

It’s because it is a story of love, loss, heartbreak and all the messy, awful things that happen and that we feel when we’re in love; no matter our identity. Trista has this innate ability to connect on a very real level with her readers and put into words what most of us have a hard time even understanding.

There’s amazing reviews popping up all over the internet, but we invite you to find out for yourself by reading it. It’s listed at so many stores, I can’t even keep track, but if the dollars aren’t handy right now, that’s okay because Trista shares a lot of her work on Instagram where she posts not only poems and work from this book, but from her many others, as well as her visual art.

Please help me congratulate Trista on an absolutely beautiful accomplishment by sending her a tweet or shouting out to her on Instagram.

— Michelle Halket, Publisher



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