Sneak Peek: Roam by C.H. Armstrong

9781771681513We’d like to show off the final book of our Fall 2018 season: Roam by C.H. Armstrong.

Seventeen year-old Abby Lunde and her family are living on the streets. They had a normal life back in Omaha but, thanks to her mother’s awful mistake, they had to leave what little they had behind for a new start in Rochester. Abby tries to be an average teenager—fitting into school, buoyed by dreams of a boyfriend, college and a career in music. But Minnesota winters are unforgiving, and so are many teenagers.

Her stepdad promises to put a roof over their heads, but times are tough for everyone and Abby is doing everything she can to keep her shameful secret from her new friends. The divide between rich and poor in high school is painfully obvious, and the stress of never knowing where they’re sleeping or where they’ll find their next meal is taking its toll on the whole family.

As secrets are exposed and the hope for a home fades, Abby knows she must trust those around her to help. But will her friends let her down the same way they did back home, or will they rise to the challenge to help them find a normal life?

We are very proud to release a book that both entertains and educates. We are also honoured by the response we’ve gotten to it more than six months before its release on February 5, 2019. It’s sitting neck-in-neck with Angie Thomas’ new book which comes out on the same date and the response from educators and librarians on NetGalley has been tremendous.

C.H. Armstrong writes issue-driven young adult and women’s fiction, and freelances part CHArmstrongtime as a magazine columnist. An assignment to cover the twenty-year anniversary of a local soup kitchen piqued her interest in the homeless community and inspired Roam.

Please feel free to check it out on Amazon (where we see it’s on for a great price) or to request/wish for it on NetGalley.


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