Our Books

For more information on each of these authors and their work, please visit here.

Talia Aikens-Nunez: OMG… Am I a Witch?!; OMG… I Did It Again?!
Suzi Davis: Amber Frost; Silver Dew; Sapphire Sun
LM DeWalt: Lily; Datura; Leilani (All books available in both English & Spanish)
NM Facile: Across The Hall; Cure For Pain
Darlene Foster: Amanda in Arabia; Amanda in Spain; Amanda in England; Amanda in Alberta; Amanda on the Danube
Jay B. Gaskill: The Stranded Ones; Gabriel’s Stand
Alex Lyttle: From Ant to Eagle
Dean Mayes: The Hambledown Dream; Gifts of the Peramangk; The Recipient
Matt McCoy: The Kid Who Missed The Bus 
Noah Milligan: An Elegant Theory
Annie O’Sullivan: Can You Hear Me Now?
Molly Ringle: What Scotland Taught Me; Persephone’s Orchard; Underworld’s Daughter; Immortal’s Spring
Gautam Sen: The Fantabulous Fens
Iain S. Thomas: I Wrote This For You; I Wrote This For You: Just the Words; 25 Love Poems for the NSA; I Wrote This For You and Only You;  Intentional Dissonance; How to Be Happy; 300 Things I Hope
William Topek: Shadow of a Distant Morning; A Shared Confidence
Abbie Williams: Heart of a Dove; Soul of a Crow; Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe; Second Chances; A Notion of Love; Winter at the White Oaks Lodge; Wild Flower; The First Law of Love
Sabrina Zollo: Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend
Everheart Books:
Chelsea Dorsette: Escape; Longing: MatchPoint

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