Happy Book Birthday to THE ARTISAN HEART!

9781771681421September marks the first of our fall releases and this month is being celebrated with The Artisan Heart by Dean Mayes.

This heartwarming and romantic story of second chances is set in the mountains of South Australia and features characters as real as they are endearing.

Dean and I met many years ago. I sought him out on social media to find out more about the romance novel he had written, The Hambledown Dream. When I read it, I knew I had to publish it and boy, did I ever. What I mean is, I made aDeanMayes ton of mistakes with it. It had everything from poor typesetting to typos. The reality was that it was the first book I had ever published in print and Dean was incredibly patient and kind as we navigated the new and scary and confusing process together. We’ve tried to fix as many of those irritating issues as we could, but I’m sure there’s some that persist even today. I take heart that even books published by bigger and better houses than mine often have mistakes.

Over the past eight and half years, we have grown together, and released now four books. I was so happy to have Dean return to romance which I think he writes rather

20180104_175646And one other fun tidbit — after the cover ideas had been discussed, it was Dean’s young daughter that suggested that a train could be included, since the town where the novel is set, Walhalla, is known for its train route. She even went so far as to draw up a cover for me! With her suggestion, I just knew we had to add the tracks to the cover.

But most importantly, readers seem to love the book — so far, it has a 4.2 rating on Goodreads! People have said their favourite characters is Genevieve, a hearing-impaired and precocious child who ends up helping the main characters find each other.

So, here’s to the first release of the fall season, to the fourth novel of Dean’s, and to many more years together!

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Michelle Halket – Publisher, Central Avenue


Cover Reveal: In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills by Jennifer Haupt

It gives me great pleasure to present to you the cover of the first of our Spring 2018 titles, In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills by Jennifer Haupt.

More details on the book are coming this fall, but in the meantime, I hope you like the cover we made for it. The original photo is of the lush valleys and forests of Rwanda and the overlaid colours were chosen to represent the Rwandan flag. The partially obscured words are meant to reflect on the parts of us that we keep hidden from the world. In addition, they help relate the secrets of the Rwandan hills as they kept a silent watch over one of recent history’s most gruesome events.

While the backdrop of the book is profound, this is more a story of healing, grace and finding one’s place in the world. It’s the kind of book that stays with you and I hope we’ve created a cover that does the story justice.


Happy Book Birthday, The First Law of Love by Abbie Williams

9781771681100August 1 marks the release of our final title for Spring/Summer 2017, The First Law of Love by romance-writer-extraordinaire, Abbie Williams.

It is the sixth book in the Shore Leave Cafe series, a saga of a family of women who reside by the shores of a northern Minnesota lake.

This story centres on Tish Gordon, the middle daughter who moved away to Chicago to finish her law degree. While there, she’s asked to take a summer job for her new boss in Montana.

While Tish isn’t a stranger to small towns, she is by no means interested in moving back to one. She’s designed her life after her father’s, a high powered job at a big law firm in a flashy city. Spending the summer in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly what she has in mind.

What she also doesn’t have in mind is reconnecting with a man who once told her she was the love of his life, Case Spicer, a sexy cowboy who plays a mean fiddle. But once she sees him again, she can’t stop thinking about him. The summer heats up and has a lot more in store for Tish as she grapples with trying to figure out what it is she truly wants for her life.

I’m personally in love with the stories in the Shore Leave Cafe series. They’re extremely well written, with engaging characters and locales that I kind of wished I lived in — despite the summer mosquitoes and winter blizzards. Of course, the romance is super hot, and these books are the perfect summer reads. (I’m actually currently reading Until Tomorrow and The Way Back, and Return to Yesterday; the next books in the series that will be released next Winter).

This book is currently up on NetGalley, but will be coming down soon, so head over there to request it, or pick it up at Amazon or your favorite indie bookstore!

An Elegant Theory – Foreword Review INDIES Finalist!

9781771680998This week we found out that Noah Milligan’s An Elegant Theory was named as a finalist in the Foreword Revies INDIES in General Fiction.

I’ve long been a big fan of Foreword Reviews. Their focus on independent publishing and lesser-heard voices as well as their attention to detail and their commitment to building a superior magazine is impressive.

So, it was with great pride and pleasure that I discovered that one of our books made the first cut. I’ve submitted great books to them before for these awards and never made it this far, so I know that they get a lot of entries and spend a lot of time deciding which make it and which don’t.

Noah Milligan is a truly fantastic writer. When I first read his novel, I was hooked from the first page. An Elegant Theory is about a young man on the brink of an important mathematical discovery and… a mental breakdown. The book takes you through the process of his unravelling and what happens when one impulsive move collides with sheer luck.

From Foreword Reviews: “An Elegant Theory is a literary Rorschach test, a mind-bending ride, in which “real” conclusions are elusive, and discovery always waits just beyond the next page.”

I hope this post will pique your interest enough to pick it up. We’ve made sure the ebook editions are attractively priced!

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Central Avenue’s Summer Catalog Now Available

Tree_2Check out what’s happening around this little press by browsing through our summer catalog. It’s available for download at our website here.

If you’re a book reviewing blogger and there’s a title that you’d like to feature or review for your blog, please send a note to info at centralavenuepublishing dot com and we’ll get you set up with a digital review copy, giveaway copies and/or author interviews.

New Release: Leilani by LM DeWalt

9781771680004After a long wait, we are very pleased to release the third book in The Quest For Reason series by LM DeWalt: Leilani. Vampires Lily and Christian have finally found peace and love in Lima, Peru — seemingly. But there are those who have waged a war against Lily and her family and they’re willing to stop at nothing to exact their revenge. Just as they seem to be figuring a way out of the war, Lily is betrayed by the one closest to her, for reasons she cannot fathom.

We hope you enjoy the final book in the trilogy as the story of this family of vampires comes to a close. And if you haven’t read them yet, you can pick up the first in the series,  Lily, for only 99 cents. As an added bonus, all three of DeWalt’s titles are available in both English and Spanish. Happy reading!

New Release: A NOTION OF LOVE by Abbie Williams

9781771680103It is our pleasure to present the fourth novel in the Shore Leave Cafe series: A Notion of Love. This Everheart Books series officially started with Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe, but if you’ve read all of Abbie Williams’ books, namely Forbidden, you quickly realized how she incorporated her characters into each of her books. You’ll also notice a new look to her books, one that ties them all together. Abbie’s a prolific writer, so expect more great stuff soon from this wonderful storyteller.

Also, you can win a copy of all of Abbie’s books and a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Enter the giveaway here.

Twelve years ago, Jillian Henriksen cut off all her hair and placed it in her young husband’s hands as he was buried. After his tragic accident, she clung to the only remaining stability she had: her young son, her family of women, and her job at their restaurant, The Shore Leave Café. Now it is summer again, and change is in the hot and humid air, including the arrival of Jillian’s older sister Joelle, home now to stay. And then there is Justin Miller, a long time family friend, sexy but damaged after a terrible accident five years earlier. Will Jillian and Justin dare to risk their broken hearts and take a chance on love?

Abbie Williams

Abbie Williams has been addicted to love stories ever since first sneaking her mother’s copy of The Flame and the Flower; and since then, she’s been jotting down her own in a notebook. A school teacher who spends her days with her own true love, their three daughters, and a very busy schedule, she is most happy when she gets a few hours to indulge in visiting the characters in her stories. When she’s not writing, teaching or spending time with her family, you’ll find her either camping, making a grand mess in her kitchen at various cooking attempts, or listening to a good bluegrass banjo.