I Wrote This For You Now Available in Chinese

I Wrote This For You in complex Chinese characters

I Wrote This For You in complex Chinese characters

It is with great pleasure that we announce that I WROTE THIS FOR YOU by pleasefindthis is now available translated into complex Chinese characters. Last year, we awarded the translation rights to Taiwan’s prestigious Yuan Liou Publishing. It is now available in bookstores in Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Malaysia.

Needless to say, the creators and I are very pleased and so happy that this wonderful book of poetry can be shared with an even wider audience.

Now, of course, a favour to ask: if you live in that part of the world and happen to be near a bookstore which carries it, would you so kindly take a picture of yourself with it and tweet it to us? You can reach us at @CentAvePub and @iwrotethisforu. It would mean so much to ‘see’ it in the hands of a reader.

And I leave you with the promotional video for the book.

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Cover Reveal! Heart of a Dove by Abbie Williams


It’s that time of year when we prepare our release calendar for the upcoming year. This year, we have some wonderful books coming out – one of which is a new historical romance series by Abbie Williams.

Heart of a Dove is the epic and haunting tale of two soul mates from the US Civil War. Williams’ writing and research is just fantastic and this first book in the Dove

series will leave your heart aching and your hands wishing you had her next book in them. Speaking of which – it will be the first book of Williams’ in print, an exciting option for those who love to read paper books.

Abbie has penned some fantastic romance novels underthe Shore Leave Cafe series which follow a family of strong women. Check them out – you won’t be disappointed.

Heart of a Dove by Abbie Williams (Dove Series #1)


The Civil War has ended, leaving the country with a gaping wound. Southern orphan, Lorie Blake, has worked as a prostitute since she was fifteen, carefully guarding her aching heart from the disgrace forced upon her every evening. Sawyer Davis, who fought bravely as a Confederate soldier for three bitter years, is now ravaged by haunting memories and the loss of his entire family. When their paths intertwine in a river town whorehouse, neither is prepared for the passionate intensity of their attraction to each other.

Forced to flee, Lorie joins Sawyer and his traveling companions—his two best friends and an incorrigible young boy with a heart of gold—on their journey north to Minnesota, where they long to build new lives. But danger pursues them; in the form of a vindictive whorehouse madam and two crazy and vengeful Union soldiers. Lorie, soiled and shamed, must come to grips with her past and a secret that she cannot yet bear to reveal: her pregnancy by another man.

Through it all, Sawyer and Lorie know only one truth: they must be together. Even if it means challenging Death itself.

ISBN ebook: 978-1-77168-15-8
ISBN Trade Paper: 978-1-77168-14-1
Romance – Historical
350 pages
Coming: Fall 2014
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I Wrote This For You Now at Barnes & Noble Booksellers

UnknownIt is with great pride that we announce that our first book can be found at a major bricks and mortar bookstore across the United States. Barnes & Noble recently started stocking the internationally popular title, I WROTE THIS FOR YOU by pleasefindthis.

The book is currently in about half of their stores across the country. But, (and there’s always a but, isn’t there?), we need your help. You see, it’s just there as a test, to see how it sells. If it sells, they’ll stock it in all stores.


So, if you live near a Barnes & Noble, would you kindly visit it and take a picture of it on shelf or a picture of yourself holding it or even better – buying it? Here is an example from one of their fans buying the book. Thanks @itsmandz! If your store is one of the ones that doesn’t have it, perhaps you could ask them to bring it in? And maybe take a pic of yourself asking that? (Gotta love selfies, eh?)

In order to convince Barnes & Noble that they did a good thing by stocking this book, the creators of I Wrote This For You are offering a great giveaway for anyone who takes a picture of the book in-store and tweets it out with:

“I found I Wrote This For You at Barnes & Noble! @BNBuzz @iwrotethisforu #iwtfybn”

Thanks for all your support of this book and for supporting your local Barnes & Noble too. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this store who supports independent publishers and authors.

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Intentional Dissonance: A Book and a Song

Sample_2.mediumYesterday I stumbled across one of the coolest things I think that has happened in a long time. A very talented singer/songwriter, Wonder, has written a song based on Iain S. Thomas’ book INTENTIONAL DISSONANCE.

Not only was I absolutely shell shocked that someone did this, (it’s not like Iain or I know her), but she did an absolutely beautiful job of it. Like the book, the song is 9781926760858haunting and poetic and like Iain’s words, her voice is simply gorgeous.

Please do yourself a favour and go listen to the song here. If you can find a few bucks in your couch cushions, would you also consider funding her Kickstarter to raise some funds for a new album and tour? I did. Partly because I love the job she did on that song and partly because she lives in Seattle and is planning a trip to Vancouver, where I live. It ends on Jan 19, so if you can do it, do it quickly!

When she comes, you can be sure I’ll be at whatever venue she’s at, listening to her beautiful music and standing up and cheering when she sings that song in particular.



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New Release: Winter at the White Oaks Lodge by Abbie Williams

9781771680134As we celebrate a new year, what better time to release the newest novel by Abbie Williams. Williams has created an ongoing epic tale of a family of strong women who make their living by the shores of a Minnesota lake. Set in a bitter winter, this book follows Camille, who finds herself about to give birth at eighteen. Determined to give her baby the best life she can, she works hard to forget the boy who got her pregnant and then abandoned her. Lonely and tired Camille finds an old photo in an attic trunk and is instantly and inexplicably drawn to the handsome young man in a photo from the Civil War.

Bent on finding out more about him, she makes contact with a neighbouring family and begins work at their family’s lodge. There, she’ll find out answers about the photo and will be drawn to a love so powerful that she could never have imagined finding.

Williams’ writing will leave you breathless and her characters will draw you into a tale that lasts generations. Find out what happens to the Davis women in this fifth book in the Shore Leave Cafe series.


Abbie Williams has been addicted to love stories ever since first sneaking her mother’s copy of The Flame and the Flower; and since then, she’s been jotting down her own in a notebook. A school teacher who spends her days with her own true love, their three daughters, and a very busy schedule, she is most happy when she gets a few hours to indulge in visiting the characters in her stories. When she’s not writing, teaching or spending time with her family, you’ll find her either camping, making a grand mess in her kitchen at various cooking attempts, or listening to a good bluegrass banjo.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win her books and an Amazon Gift Card.


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Central Avenue Publishing in Numbers

UnknownIt’s the start of a new year, and a time that causes us to reflect on our past and what the future has in store. While I’m not a overly creative person, I think what has made this press somewhat successful is that I am a numbers person. So, in keeping with my true self, I present this press in numbers:

4,927,300: The number of words in active titles published and distributed.

73: The total number of books actively published and distributed in both digital and print.

20: The number of titles in print format.

33: The number of authors actively published and distributed.

752,200: The number of words to be published by us in 2014.

23: The number of titles cancelled by request of the author.

11: The number of authors who terminated their publishing agreements.

0: The number of books and authors that I’ve decided to cancel or put out of print.

33: The number of authors who still believe in me.

247: The number of active book bloggers currently on our mailing list.

2: The average number of times per week that one of our books is reviewed on blogs.

4.1: The average rating of our books reviewed on those blogs.

~9,000: The number of ratings of our books on Goodreads.

10: The number of titles that have hit high on store best-seller lists.

2: The number of names this publishing house has had.

5: The number of freelance editors and proofreaders I’ve worked with.

1: The most forward-thinking young woman I’ve met in a while.

4: The average number of months it takes to bring a book to market.

7: How many days authors get their money after quarterly statements are issued.

300: The year over year percentage growth of total author royalties paid.

7: The number of ebook formats we were dealing with 5 years ago.

2: The number of ebook formats we deal with now.

8: The number of digital bookstores and distributors it’s worth working with.

3 or 4: The number of new ebook subscription services it’s likely worth working with.

2008: The year I decided that it had to be easier for authors to get published.

5: The birthday we’ll celebrate this year.

Countless: The number of mistakes I’ve made.

Zero: The number of regrets I have.

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New Release: I WROTE THIS FOR YOU: JUST THE WORDS by pleasefindthis



It is to great anticipation that we release the digital version of I Wrote This For You: Just the Words by pleasefindthis. Pleasefindthis is the work of two very talented individuals, poet Iain S. Thomas and photographer, Jon Ellis. These two gentlemen, who live across the world from each other, created the blogging phenomenon I Wrote This For You back in 2007. Since that time, they have won the hearts of countless thousands of fans from around the world with haunting prose and vivid and poignant photography.

Their first book: a full colour version of the photos and selected poems from the blog was released in 2011; and we now are happy to present a more full collection of the poetry with select new photography. It presents twice the number of entries with over 400 works, including several new and never before seen poems. Each section of the book portrays aspects of our journey through life in all aspects of the human experience.

The ebook will become available the weekend of Dec 6 with the print book following in a few weeks. Enjoy…

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